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Solar Rapid Shutdown Switch Array-Level for PV System

Price: Negotiable
Model: BLD Rapid Shutdown
Power: 100~270Vac
Protection Class: IP65
Weight: 1800g
Dimensions: 410*212*94mm
Conversion Efficiency: 96.5%
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85 °C
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Place of Origin: CHINA.

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Rapid shutdown, automatic power off and re-off function. When the mains power is cut off or emergency stop is initiated, the module-level quick-stop PLC control box sends a disconnection command to the quick-stop actuator through the photovoltaic power line to disconnect each photovoltaic panel.

Solar Rapid Shutdown Technical Data :

Rated Voltage

230 (Vac)

NO of string

2 string

Operating temperature


Rated Voltage

230 (Vac)

Rated Current

16(mA) (S10=60mA)

Range Protection Rating


1. Rapid shutdown function: This product uses advanced circuitry to quickly shut down the solar panel within 10 seconds. This ensures that the system can be quickly deactivated in the event of an emergency such as a fire or electrical failure.

2. NEC Compliant: Our solar rapid shutdown solutions comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for rapid shutdown. It ensures the safe operation of solar systems and protects first responds and maintenance personnel from electrical hazards.

3. Wireless communication: This product uses wireless communication technology to transmit control signals without additional wiring, reducing installation complexity. It provides reliable and secure communication between the quick closing device and the control center, ensuring efficient operation.

Solar Rapid Shutdown Switch Array-Level for PV System Function:

1. emergency shutdown: When there is an emergency such as fire, electrical failure, this product can quickly shut down the solar panel, reduce the risk of electrical hazards, to ensure the safety of personnel.

2. Maintenance safety: During routine maintenance or repair, the rapid shutdown function can quickly isolate the solar panel to prevent accidental electric shock or system damage.

3. Compliance with safety standards: Meeting NEC's requirements for rapid shutdown, our rapid shutdown ensure compliance with industry safety standards and protect people and property.

Solar Rapid Shutdown Switch Array-Level for PV System Product Applications:

1. Residential Solar systems: Our solar rapid shutdown solutions are ideal for residential solar installations. It ensures the safety of homeowners, emergency responds and maintenance personnel by quickly deactivating the system in the event of an emergency.

2. Commercial buildings: Solar systems on commercial buildings can benefit from our products solutions. It complies with safety regulations and provides additional protection for employees and maintenance personnel.

3. Utility-scale solar farms: Large solar farms require effective quick shutdown capabilities to ensure worker safety in maintenance or emergency situations.

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Solar Rapid Shutdown Switch Array-Level for PV SystemHow It Work
Power Line Communication (PLC)

Power Line Communication (PLC)

Solar rapid shutdown utilizes power line communication technology, which allows for the transmission of signals over the existing power lines. This enables effective communication between the central control unit and the PV array.
Safety Certification

Safety Certification

Solar rapid shutdown systems must adhere to safety certifications and standards to ensure their effectiveness. These certifications validate that the system meets specific requirements for quick and reliable shutdown operations.
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